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SmartLobby can help with documents

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Let SmartLobby help with your visitor document approval

SmartLobby can be used as an approval software. With SmartLobby, your visitors and staff members can easily and smoothly approve your  document, whatever they may be.

With SmartLobby, you get the tools to automate your online business needs, whether that is document approval needed, badge and QR code printing, automatic sign in system to keep track of who’s in and out and much more.

Subscribe to SmartLobby to access the admin area which introduces all forms of document signing and approval which include:

  • Health Screening
  • Privacy Policy
  • Non Disclosure Agreement Documents
  • other legal document signing.

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SmartLobby is everywhere!

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Smartlobby logoSmartLobby is everywhere!

We are now available on every major social media so SmartLobby is always just a click away
Find SmartLobby on:


Follow us and look out for exclusive content!

SmartLobby is a visitor management system that helps in many ways with your online business needs! We also can get your badge or ID printed so you can sign in and out of busy buildings! Save time and money with SmartLobby

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Escape time waste with SmartLobby

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Escape time waste with SmartLobby

You may be wondering why SmartLobby is so essential, So here are a few real life scenarios where SmartLobby comes in handy!



Jump the queue!

You may find yourself stuck in a long line of people, wanting to get signed in as quickly as possible, whether it’s at the doctors, a hotel or an office, SmartLobby gives you freedom and accessibility to sign in and out of busy areas on your own accord!


Make sure your employees are safe!

SmartLobby Rollcall is crucial to many businesses as you never know when the next fire could be! We can help by making sure everyone has evacuated the building with the sign in database so no one is left behind.


QR code badges!

trouble searching for someone to assist you? These codes allow you to make the most of your business day just by showing your code.


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SmartLobby has no limit

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Smartlobby logoSmartLobby has no limit

Whatever device you’re rocking, SmartLobby is right

there with you.


These days, everyone is on their phone more than any other device! So it is crucial that our services are available on every platform whether you’re online or offline.


          SmartLobby is available on:

  • iPad
  • Android tablet
  • Mac OS
  • PC Windows


SmartLobby is designed for your convenience

SmartLobby is ready to go whatever device you’re using! This guarantees your maximum convenience by giving you easy access to our services, wherever you are (even offline!).

What does SmartLobby have to offer?

  • 30-day free trial
  • Offline first (works whether you are connected or not)
  • Data safely stored in the cloud when internet connection becomes available
  • Runs on Apple iPad and iPhone
  • Runs on Android tablets
  • Badge printing
  • Visitor Satisfaction Survey: A quick survey to find out whether your visitor are happy or unhappy about their visit
  • Call roll printing (emergency)
  • True Multi location and entrances support
  • Daily visitor report
  • Offer possibility for visitor to sign NDA or other legal forms before signing in
  • Automatic notification by email, SMS, Slack or MS 
  • Teams when a visitor is signed in
  • Flexible visitor workflow with possibility to enable or disable certain fields
  • Possibility to integrate with existing IT systems via API
  • Customized brand with logo
  • QR code printed on badge and emailed to visitor for faster sign in / sign out

All this and much more!

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SmartLobby will never let you down, no matter what

Smartlobby logoSmartLobby will never let you down, no matter what 

No internet needed!

SmartLobby is available offline which means there is no waiting around! Get right to signing in any time you need. 

Why does being offline first matter?

There are still many places that struggle for internet access or you may not have any data which means you could be in the dark but with SmartLobby, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel! 

In the UK alone there were 500,000 people affected by power cuts. You may lose your electricity at any given time, this is where SmartLobby comes as there is no connection needed!

What else does SmartLobby have to offer?

30-day free trial

Data safely stored in the cloud when internet connection becomes available

Runs on Apple iPad and iPhone

Runs on Android tablets

Badge printing

Roll call printing (emergency)


Smartlobby logo

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Are you safe in the workplace?

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Are you safe in the workplace?

There are at least 3,000 Office fires every year in the United Kingdom

3,300 in the United States

and 5,000 in Japan

Don’t endanger your employees…

Our priority is making sure your online and offline life is safe in the hands of SmartLobby


Here’s how SmartLobby can help!


SmartLobby Rollcall 

We offer the fastest way to sign in and out using QR codes, making sure everyone around you is safe and registered in case of an emergency. SmartLobby Rollcall offers help to contact a fire warden.

Example of smartlobby rollcall

SmartLobby Evacuation  

This allows users to report a fire to all their co-workers immediately and even send an automated emergency message if the user has their mobile connected.


When evacuation mode is activated, you will not be able to sign in until everybody is safe! You will see the image down below.


Smartlobby logo

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SmartLobby: An Integrated Visitor Management system

SmartLobby’s visitor management system is a technology-based solution that enhances the visitor experience and reception management. It is a valuable tool for businesses looking to automate their visitor management process. To maximize workplace productivity and reliability, your visitor management system should be able to integrate with other systems in the office building. The automated visitor management software is a safe and secure way to monitor and manage your guests and customers, ensuring that they have a positive experience. Until guests and meeting hosts arrive at reception, the SmartLobby integrated visitor management software provides security and reception staff with information about visitors, so that they can be greeted individually and guided to the appropriate location.

SmartLobby Visitor management system combines these core modules to make up an integrated visitor management system:

Visitor Management Software: This would be the technology behind all operations, ensuring everything works effectively. The system has built to customize the check-In process for various visitor types like guests, contractors, and deliveries. Smartlobby visitor management software can streamline the sign-in process for visitors and contractors that they can quickly self-check-in and out from their mobile at the kiosk. So, it improves the workflow and can generate a better customer experience.

Database: SmartLobby provides a  cloud-based database infrastructure, where all the visitor records and information logs are safely stored. The actual benefit of Smartlobby is that your businesses can generate real-time data reporting by using the information stored on our cloud-based servers.

Visitor Management Hardware: SmartLobby Visitor management is available on the iPad, android tablets, and as a standalone kiosk. SmartLobby provides integration with most Brother label printers. The adoption of Smartlobby will transform the entire reception workplace in a way that visitors can get quick access to the facility by using a badge or Id card that contains all necessary information like personal details, a reason to visit, and the time of their entry and exit. This ultimately speeds up the visitor check-in process and limits the number of typos and errors.

How it works:

Integration of visitor self-registration at your office front desk

Visitors are able to use a tablet to sign in individually at reception. Visitors enter their personal information, such as name and email, address, and the name of the host they are meeting, on a SmartLobby’s self-registration screen for tablets. They could optionally sign an  NDA, Privacy Policy agreement, or any other legal document. The visitor gets a QR code printed on his badge at the end of the registration process, or they receive it on email for fast sign-in or sign-out.

Automated guest arrival notification

The host is notified as soon as the guests arrive. The host receives a notification on their mobile as SMS, email, Slack, or MS Teams as soon as the visitor scans the pass at the checkpoint, reminding them of the building’s entrance ahead of time.

Benefits of integrated visitor management

  • There are many advantages of combining these systems and streamlining the entire entry and sign-in process.
  • With SmartLobby, visitors and staff can sign-in easily.
  • As procedures are streamlined and standardized, the organization will run more effectively, which means receptionists will spend less time handling access requests, and employees and guests will spend less time signing in.
  • The days of wasting hours pulling visitor’s log-in sheets are over; the SmartLobby visitor management system provides real-time data. This not only saves your receptionists time, but it also helps them focus on other tasks that matter the most to your business concentrate on more tasks.

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How to Successfully Introduce Digital Visitor Management System in Your Business

Keeping track of all your visitors can be a time-consuming process that piles into your staff’s workload. Moreover, it can also inconvenience your visitors. Make the process easier and more convenient for both sides by shifting to a digital visitor management process.

According to Reportlinker, the demands for such a system will reach $2 billion by 2026. More and more businesses are starting to see the various digital visitor management system benefits. It eliminates manual labor and speeds up the entire process. Likewise, it gives you better control over who goes in and out of your office.

With that, here’s how you can successfully introduce a digital visitor management system to your business.

1.    Find the right software

The first step is to find the right software for your business. But in this digital age, you might get overwhelmed by the countless options out there. Without proper planning and research, you might end up with software that does not suit your staff’s workflows.

You must first determine your business needs. For example, what types of visitors do you usually have? What are your building’s policies regarding visitors? Do you have your own reception area and staff to accommodate them? 

These are just some of the questions you need to answer. By answering these, you get an idea of what kind of software you need. You can check out this list of visitor management software examples to find which one might suit you best.

2.    Provide training for your staff

The success of your implementation doesn’t rest solely on the software itself. Your staff must also do their part in making sure that it goes smoothly. Unfortunately, not everyone in your workforce can be tech-savvy. Some might need some assistance in learning how to navigate the new system.

You can hold training sessions with your staff regarding how the new system works. This is especially important for those who operate your lobby desk. You can also take this opportunity to explain to them the purpose behind its implementation and how it can create a hassle-free office environment for both employees and visitors. 

Highlight important features such as self-check ins/outs, QR code scanning, instant ID printing, and centralized database. This way, your employees can see how it can benefit them as well.

3.    Guide visitors with the new process

You will also need to guide your visitors throughout your digital visitor management process. But unlike your staff, they won’t have time to attend training sessions with you. You will need a different method in familiarizing them with your newest system.

For example, you can assign a contact person who can guide your visitors throughout the entire process. Or if you are planning to go full contactless with the whole process, you can choose a software that offers assistive features in the form of pop-up messages or voice-assistance. You can also take advantage of its automation functions such as ID badge printing, host notification, and QR code scanning.

4.    Ensure accessibility

Before installing a software, you must make sure that you can fully access its functions and features. This means having the right hardware to run it. Otherwise, you might have a hard time incorporating it into your current digital ecosystem.

To make sure that the software is fully accessible, you should consider getting a cloud visitor management system. For one, having a cloud-based system means you can access it on any type of device—from laptops, smartphones, and tablets. With it, you can create a centralized admin dashboard where you and authorized staff can manage accounts and visitor data in real-time.

5.    Integrate with your current systems

Like all businesses, you might have an entire system of other software solutions. Introducing a new one in your current digital ecosystem can impact your workflows. Thus, it is best to consider your visitor management system’s compatibility with the rest of your business software.

Take this, for example. If you currently have a reputation management software, you can integrate it into your visitor management system. This way, your visitors can leave their feedback or impressions of your business right after checking out. You can also connect it to an analytics software so that you can gain insights from the visitor data gathered by the system. And if you have sales or lead generation software, you can also use this data to increase your sales. 

Through integrations, you’re not only enhancing your visitor management system features but aligning it with the rest of your workflows.

Hassle-free process for visitors and staff

Thanks to the digital age, visitor management drastically evolved. You can do away with paper sign-ins and reduce the manpower needed to accommodate visitors. With the right software, you can fully automate the entire process while also saving up on cost and reducing your staff’s workload.

So go ahead and try investing in a digital visitor management system. To start, you can check out SmartLobby. This might just be what you need to create a hassle-free process for your visitors and staff.