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Escape time waste with SmartLobby

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Escape time waste with SmartLobby

You may be wondering why SmartLobby is so essential, So here are a few real life scenarios where SmartLobby comes in handy!



Jump the queue!

You may find yourself stuck in a long line of people, wanting to get signed in as quickly as possible, whether it’s at the doctors, a hotel or an office, SmartLobby gives you freedom and accessibility to sign in and out of busy areas on your own accord!


Make sure your employees are safe!

SmartLobby Rollcall is crucial to many businesses as you never know when the next fire could be! We can help by making sure everyone has evacuated the building with the sign in database so no one is left behind.


QR code badges!

trouble searching for someone to assist you? These codes allow you to make the most of your business day just by showing your code.