SmartLobby features

Intelligent Visitor Management System for your reception or lobby

Feature list

  1. 30-day Free Trial

    Try SmartLobby for 30-day

  2. Offline First

    SmartLobby works whether you are connected or not

  3. Cloud Sync

    Data safely stored in the cloud when internet connection becomes available

  4. Runs on Apple Devices

    Runs on Apple iPad and iPhone

  5. Runs on Android Tablets

    Runs on Android tablets

  6. Runs on MS Windows

    Runs on MS Windows devices

  7. Badge Printing

    Badge printing

  8. Satisfaction Survey

    Included Visitor Satisfaction Survey

  9. Roll Call

    Emergency Roll Call (Fire, Flood, etc)

  10. Multiple Locations

    True Multi location and entrances support

  11. Reporting

    Daily visitor reports

  12. Document Approval/Signing

    Offer possibility for visitor to approve/sign NDA, fire safety or other legal forms before signing in

  13. Host notification

    Automatic notification by email, SMS, Slack or MS Teams when a visitor is signed in

  14. Flexible Sign-in workflow

    Flexible visitor workflow with possibility to enable or disable certain fields

  15. Bespoke fields

    Flexible visitor workflow with possibility create bespoke fields

  16. API integration

    Possibility to integrate with existing IT systems via API

  17. Custom Branding

    Customised brand with logo and background image

  18. Faster QR Code Sign-in

    QR code printed on badge and emailed to visitor for faster sign in / sign out

  19. Visit History

    Search dashboard for quickly finding visit history

  20. Health Screening

    Health screening for COVID-19 and others

  21. Event Management

    Event Management

  22. Badge Printing

    Visit data securely kept for years on our cloud infrastructure

  23. Kiosk

    Available as a kiosk



SmartLobby kiosk is available for any tablet or device with touch-screen that runs iOS, Android, Amazon Fire OS or MS Windows