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SmartLobby will never let you down, no matter what

Smartlobby logoSmartLobby will never let you down, no matter what 

No internet needed!

SmartLobby is available offline which means there is no waiting around! Get right to signing in any time you need. 

Why does being offline first matter?

There are still many places that struggle for internet access or you may not have any data which means you could be in the dark but with SmartLobby, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel! 

In the UK alone there were 500,000 people affected by power cuts. You may lose your electricity at any given time, this is where SmartLobby comes as there is no connection needed!

What else does SmartLobby have to offer?

30-day free trial

Data safely stored in the cloud when internet connection becomes available

Runs on Apple iPad and iPhone

Runs on Android tablets

Badge printing

Roll call printing (emergency)


Smartlobby logo

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Are you safe in the workplace?

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Smartlobby logo


Are you safe in the workplace?

There are at least 3,000 Office fires every year in the United Kingdom

3,300 in the United States

and 5,000 in Japan

Don’t endanger your employees…

Our priority is making sure your online and offline life is safe in the hands of SmartLobby


Here’s how SmartLobby can help!


SmartLobby Rollcall 

We offer the fastest way to sign in and out using QR codes, making sure everyone around you is safe and registered in case of an emergency. SmartLobby Rollcall offers help to contact a fire warden.

Example of smartlobby rollcall

SmartLobby Evacuation  

This allows users to report a fire to all their co-workers immediately and even send an automated emergency message if the user has their mobile connected.


When evacuation mode is activated, you will not be able to sign in until everybody is safe! You will see the image down below.


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