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SmartLobby has no limit

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Smartlobby logoSmartLobby has no limit

Whatever device you’re rocking, SmartLobby is right

there with you.


These days, everyone is on their phone more than any other device! So it is crucial that our services are available on every platform whether you’re online or offline.


          SmartLobby is available on:

  • iPad
  • Android tablet
  • Mac OS
  • PC Windows


SmartLobby is designed for your convenience

SmartLobby is ready to go whatever device you’re using! This guarantees your maximum convenience by giving you easy access to our services, wherever you are (even offline!).

What does SmartLobby have to offer?

  • 30-day free trial
  • Offline first (works whether you are connected or not)
  • Data safely stored in the cloud when internet connection becomes available
  • Runs on Apple iPad and iPhone
  • Runs on Android tablets
  • Badge printing
  • Visitor Satisfaction Survey: A quick survey to find out whether your visitor are happy or unhappy about their visit
  • Call roll printing (emergency)
  • True Multi location and entrances support
  • Daily visitor report
  • Offer possibility for visitor to sign NDA or other legal forms before signing in
  • Automatic notification by email, SMS, Slack or MS 
  • Teams when a visitor is signed in
  • Flexible visitor workflow with possibility to enable or disable certain fields
  • Possibility to integrate with existing IT systems via API
  • Customized brand with logo
  • QR code printed on badge and emailed to visitor for faster sign in / sign out

All this and much more!