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SmartLobby : A better visitor management system for hassle free office environment

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SmartLobby is a software app that enables your office facility to enhance security, functionality, and better customer experience. At times like this, it is a daunting task for businesses to ensure the safe environment of employees and visitors as the pandemic still surges on.

Our SmartLobby application provides a cloud-based visitor management system to streamline the check-in process for visitors. Organizations can be able to collect precise information and retrieve it easier to track, monitor the visitors and employees to ensure your facility safer and secure. This program offers a contactless sign in option which is the touch-free environment for visitor registration at your office reception area. Simply employees or visitors can sign in with the QR code scan through the camera and then register by their own mobile browser.

Along with contactless self-check-in, preregistration SmartLobby offers more features like host notification that alerts the host about the visitor arrival with photo identity and instant print of Id badge for visitors and employees to improve the flow of people at the kiosk. SmartLobby is a better way to optimize your office reception premises to improve customer comfort, safety, and more productivity in your business operations.