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Multiple devices in a single location

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Note that for Starter plan and above, you can have multiple devices in the same location.

First, when SmatLobby is installed, it creates 1 location and 1 device.

In case you have a very busy reception, you may want to have 2 or more devices in one location to allow visitors or staff members to quickly sign in and out.

To do so,

  1. go to the admin console at
  2. Go to the “Devices” section
  3. Please create a new device and give it a name of your choice … like “Main Office Ipad Pro 2” and assign it to the existing location
  4. Then, install the SmartLobby App on the new device. During the installation process, you will be prompted to “Link” your new device to a defined device.
  5. You just need to choose the name you defined earlier , in this case, “Main Office Ipad Pro 2” , from the drop down list
  6. Then follow the rest of the installation process.

All Staff members and all visitor info will automatically synchronised and be available on the new device