Sending notifications to a Microsoft Teams Channel

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Since version 1.3, SmartLobby Visitor is able to send visit notifications to a Microsoft Teams channel.

This can be achieved in the following steps:

  1. In Microsoft Teams, navigate to the specific channel you want notifications to be delivered to and click on the “…” in the breadcrumb navigation and click on “Gech Email Adress” as shown on the screenshot below
  2. The copy the email address into your clipboard
  3. Now navigate to you SmartLobby Visitor Admin Dashboard and in the “Locations” section, you will need to specify the Location Manager Name.
  4. In the “Location Manager Email” field, please enter the Microsof Teams Channel Email address copied in step 1 above and click save.

    Note that the email address should be not have any space or name in it.For instance if you copied “SmartLobby Visitor – Employees <>”, the email adress should be “” without the quotes.
  5. Next, we need to disable visitors having to choose the host they are visiting so that notification do not get sent to the host but goes straight to the Location Manager we have set up earlier.
    To do this, Navigate to the “Settings” section of the dashboard and un-tick the “Collect Visitor Host First and Last Name” as shown in the screenshot below
    Click save.


You are all done