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Legal document signing

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In the Setting section, SmartLobby offers multiple type of document that visitors can sign

This include Health Screening, Privacy Policy and many more.

The document in the Settings section applies to all locations.

Lets say you have 4 locations:
London, New York, Sydney and Nairobi
All 4 locations have the very same documents to sign.
Then this could be set up in the “Settings” section of the admin dashboard.


Overriding document per location

In case lets say Nairobi needs a different “Privacy Policy” than all of the other 3 locations,
it is possible to override lets say only the “Privacy Policy” for Nairobi in the section “Location Doc” section,
select Nairobi and create a new Privacy Policy for the location Nairobi.

That new “Privacy Policy” will only be displayed in Nairobi