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Host Notifications for individual Staff members and group Departments

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SmartLobby allows to send notifications to send notification via MS Teams and Slack.
In this acticle, we will discuss only email and SMS/text notifications.
SmartLobby and send notifications to individual staff members or to a department.

A)Prerequisite: Global Notification settings

Before we can start talking about sending notifications to host or departments, we need to first look at the global configuration that turns on or off email and SMS/TEXT

This is under the “Messaging & Notifications” section

You need to make sure you:

  • enable sending emails and
  • if applicable enable SMS/TEXT as well.

The above is the prerequisite for notifications to work

B) Notification to individual staff members

– Enable host info collection

– Create new staff members with email and phone number (phone number need to start with either 00 or +)
– The staff member need to have visitor type (‘I am ‘) set to ‘staff’
– More about staffs at
Adding staff members
Uploading staff members from a csv file
– The added staff will appear in the type-ahead on the “I am visiting” screen

C) Notification to a department

Some larger organisations like car manufacturers have many departments like Electricity, Mechanics, HR, IT etc.
They may not want individual staff members to be a host.
In this case, the use they can assign an email and a phone number to each department.

– First step is to disable host info collection

– Enable department field and provide:
– list of emails for each departments, one per department
– list of phone numbers for each departments, one phone per departmemnt

Now when a visitpor sign in, the chosen department will receive the email and the text message (text are available on higher subscriptions only)