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COVID-19 hands free thermometers

COVID-19 SmartLobby questionnaire

COVID-19 hands free thermometers

During this pandemic, it is very important that we keep safe and that only healthy staff and visitors have access to the office building.
For this purpose, there are few touch-less thermometers that can be used to screen visitors.

  1.  The K3 digital hands free thermometer with alert/alarm

    – Very simple and affordable
    – Will read and display temperature
    – Beeps/alarms when the taken temperature is abnormal
    – On a tripod, stand or wall-mounted
    – It cans be purchased from amazon or eBay
    Amazon US:
    Amazon UK:
    amazon AU:

    Note that there are other thermometers like

    So, the choice is yours.

  2. The K9 Two-in-one hands free digital thermometer and hand sanitiser with alert/alarm

    – Relatively affordable
    – It has all features of 1)
    – In addition, it is also a refillable hand-sanitiser: This is quite handy as visitor usually have to touch door handles, desk surface, interact with coffee machine etc.
    So having a hand sanitiser incorporated may be a clever choice.- Can be purchased online on amazon or eBay:
    Amazon US:
    Amazon UK:
    Amazon AU:

COVID-19 SmartLobby questionnaire

We have introduced a COVID-19 questionnaire in version 3.6 to help deal with the pandemic.

This can be enabled in the admin dashboard as shown below.

Any visitor who answers “Yes” to any of the questions will not be granted access.

In addition, we have also introduced a body temperature filed that can be used to called visitor body temperature


Note that you will need to install the version 3.6 or newer of the SmartLobby app.

After this configuration change, the app may need restarting.

Then during each sign-in, the following pop-up will appear


So, when the user click Yes, he will not be able to sign-in and the site admin should get a notification