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Brother Printer Label error: ERROR_WRONG_LABEL

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Currently, SmartLobby supports only two type of labels:

  • W62: This is a black continuous 62mm wide label,
  • W62RB: This is a continuous red/black color, 62mm wide label

When you get the error ERROR_WRONG_LABEL, it means that the label that is currently installed in the printer does not match the one currently selected on the SmartLobby cloud admin dashboard. To fix this issue,

  • simply log onto the admin dashboard and go to the “Printers” section.
  • Since, there are only two options, try changing the label,
  • then save your change.
  • You may need to restart the tablet or app for the changes to take effect.

Very Important note: After you get the error ERROR_WRONG_LABEL, a red light may be flashing on the printer. This is an indication that the printer is in error mode. The printer needs to be restarted before it can become operational again. So, please, turn off , then turn on the printer before trying to print with SmartLobby.